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So You Want to Raise a Fund? 6 Lessons in Fund Formation

Today marks the end of the beginning of Akkadian Ventures, as we announced our third fund and our first institutionally backed one.   Many people don’t know, however, that Akkadian is the second “first time” fund I have started from scratch.  (In 2007, Josh Becker and I raised New Cycle Capital, which was an early stage […]

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Stop Hating: Bitcoin Needs Both Investors and Critics

Bitcoin critics really hate Bitcoin. Today Alex Payne blogged what I am sure he felt was a scathing and effective indictment of Andreessen Horowitz’s investment in Coinbase, which is probably the leading startup focused on the Bitcoin economy. He wrote: Most charitably, Bitcoin is regarded as a flawed but nonetheless worthwhile experiment, one that has […]

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Why Founders Leave Successful Companies: 4 Archetypes

In my line of work, it’s a common occurrence to run into founders who are no longer involved in the successful companies they built.  At first glance, a departed founder from a successful company seems like an anathema.  After all, venture capital firms these days are each falling over each other to position themselves as […]

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