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So You Want to Raise a Fund? 6 Lessons in Fund Formation

Today marks the end of the beginning of Akkadian Ventures, as we announced our third fund and our first institutionally backed one.   Many people don’t know, however, that Akkadian is the second “first time” fund I have started from scratch.  (In 2007, Josh Becker and I raised New Cycle Capital, which was an early stage […]

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The One Thing to Ask for When Leaving a Start-Up

From my position as a late stage provider of employee liquidity, I often see what works and what doesn’t when it comes making money at start-ups. After looking at hundreds of individual situations, I would like offer one piece of advice to departing executives. The absolute best thing you can ask for when leaving a […]

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Ask these three questions to find out if your company cares about your equity

There are two types of companies. One type sees equity as something an entrepreneur earns for making valuable contributions while employed. The other type wants to lure an employee to work day and night, but then hopes that you never actually get your hands on your equity. If you want to win at the entrepreneurial […]

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